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What is ‘Local SEO’ and why you need it

Google focused on local companies and introduced ‘Pigeon’ update in 2014, to make their search engine more viable, useful and accurate for local searches. This has improved distance and location parameters. Besides Google, few business directories Yelp, Qype, TouchLocal and other countries’ local directories has made Local SEO a powerful tool for the people to find services such as plumbers, building related service providers, housekeeping, florists and online shopping etc.

What is local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization has made local businesses flourish to no end. It’s a local online marketing tool, that is designed for a win-win situation for all. It has grown to be a mega market complex, thanks to smartphone and easy connectivity. Although it works on the same principles of prevalent organic SEO, but it’s way different. The Local Search Engine allows users to give in to their geographical location through GPS, that is used to access the database of the local suppliers and service providers. If you ask for a pizza from nearby, local search engine will identify your location and will provide the pizza shop detail around you.

Why you need local SEO?

  • It is beneficial– Local SEO, with its usefulness, has taken the users and supplier off their feet. It provides smart access to the users, buyer gets the seller easily, and vice versa. As per surveys, nowadays 64% of people are happy to search through local SEO.
  • Smart access- More and more people are trying to find local businesses through local SEO. As per survey, 60% of people access local SEO for finding various things from enquiring about products, ordering online, finding road directions or addresses and phone numbers.
  • Advertising plus– Traditionally, local directories have greater conversion ratio of ads, than the advertising done in other medias. Same way local SEO has the maximum chances of conversion of leads, say up to 50% or one out of two leads. This way you reap maximum benefit on your investment in the ads placed. Local SEO is very cost-effective for you.
  • Mobile access-  Smart phones are extensively being used by each and sundry. This makes local SEO, potentially most benefitted. Mobile phones and apps can find all the local businesses, all the while even being on the move. Thanks to mobile’s mobility you would not miss out on any business.
  • Local SEO services are Free- Right now the listing in Google map and many of the yellow pages are free, but these won’t stay free forever, this is the time to take advantage. A big benefit for many could be that at the moment only 10-12% local businesses are using local SEO. So it’s the time to have a lion’s share of the market.

So local SEO is the need of the hour, as business shift is towards online.

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